Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Fortress Moon!

A few weeks back I made a ebay purchase and had the great good
fortune to meet Alan Thompson who with his son Thorin own
+1 Hammer  gaming company that specializes in eveything from
boardgames to card games.This is their latest idea Fortress Moon
which is basically a retro 1950s to 60s
classic cold war science fiction game

Alan sent me a few shots of the game map, cards, and games
miniatures, so far looking good!

You can follow along here and on their Facebook page:


Or their web page:



I plan to use this game as a campaign generator for 15mm
miniature battles, my old club did something very similar
with King Maker many years ago and it worked out great.I
think this will work out just as well. I will be putting up
more information as it becomes available....stay tuned!

Check out their Video!

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