Thursday, January 24, 2013

Type 4 Chi-To Medium Tank

The Type 4 Chi-To medium tank was the most powerful
Japanese tank built during the Second World War, but by
the time the war ended only two had been completed.
Unlike most Japanese medium tanks of the war, the
Chi-To was not based on the Type 97 Chi-Ha, and if it
had entered service would have been much more effective
than any other Japanese tank.

The Chi-To was much larger than the Chi-Ha, with a longer,
wider, tall chassis, supported by seven road wheels. It was
armed with a 75mm Type 5 gun, based on the Type 88
anti-aircraft gun, and mounted in a well armoured hexagonal
turret with more than a passing resemblance to that of the

With 75mm of armour at the front, a powerful 75mm and a top
speed of 28mph the Type 4 Chi-To, the Chi-To compared
favourably to the significantly heavier Panther, but it was
developed far too late to have any impact on the course of the

Type 4 Chi-To (medium seventh) medium tank

Number produced: 2 completed
Produced: 1945
Length: 20.75ft
Hull Width: 9.41ft
Height: 9.41ft
Crew: 5
Weight: 30 tons
Engine: 400hp V-12 diesel engine
Max Speed: 28mph
Armament: 75mm gun plus two 7.7mm machine guns
Armour: 12-75mm

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Bill said...

That would have given the Sherman
a hard time, good thing they only made two!