Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Tale Of Two Protze

Or Mr Tim Gow of Megablitz fame, is always correct!!!!

I recently acquired a WWII German Krupp-Protze Kfz 70 Truck
from eBay and thought it might be ROCO until I looked at it again
and noted from it's size along side my Matchbox version that this
was not the case! So once again we must defer to Tim's formidable
knowledge on all things approximately 20mm....Thank you for your sage counsel Tim. The above is the Matchbox version.

Some side by side shots, where you can clearly see the new
addition is a bit larger, perhaps 1/72nd?


Tim Gow said...

Sorry for being a smart arse, but its such a distinctive model that I recognised it at once! Mine came from the old Brian Sheriff shop in Dundee, probably in the late 1970s. I think the kit included a 37mm AT gun and a Schwimmwagen.

Don M said...

I took it as a good natured jab,
it is rather distinctive I like
it a bit more than the Matchbox
version actually.

Joe said...

I'm with you old man, I look the bigger one a bit more.

Don M said...

It is a neat little truck Joe, I've got a bunch of them in 15mm

Paul said...

Eidai/ARII Protze, almost snap together kits.

Nice condition I might add.

Don M said...

Thanks for the ID Paul, I knew one of you guys would know!

Tim Gow said...

Eidai! That's it. I knew it was a slightly odd maker. Good kit though - I just wish I'd bought more than one!