Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tanker's Tuesday: The American Char B

The American Char B (M3 Grant/Lee) or where to put your heavy
gun without a turret big enough to take one.
Some real life photos, always liked the far east camouflage used on the Lee shown.

Also of interest is this was the basis for the Ram-Kangaroo APC http://www.militaryfactory.com/armor/detail.asp?armor_id=249


Bill said...

Always liked this piece of crap, too tall under gunned and slow, and in the western desert the 8th
army were pleased with them. They also soldiered on well in Burma.

Don M said...

Yes indeed, I have one book showing Lee on the attack up hill in Burma where the commanders are tossing hand grenades while engaging the Japanese.

ColKillgore said...

It looks like somebody else raided the johnny lightning diecasts. I have a dozen of them divided between two versions they offered. They formthe core of my Soviets and British FOW armies. used in a 3rd edition battle here

Don M said...

Yup they're Johnny Lightning diecasts alright, have these and a bunch of the Shermans.

Tim Gow said...

As the designer of the T35 once said: "You can never have too many turrets!"