Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ninja Cat In Sink!

Our recent addition Sammy the Ninja cat....The dogs are terrified, lol.


Archduke Piccolo said...

Cats will go for anything that is bowl or box shaped - even sitting on a square of newspaper. In the case of our specimen, she was discovered recently sitting upon my daughter's open laptop notebook - on the keypad. Warm there, I expect.

There is one exception to this that cats will, for whatever reason that occurs in what passes for a cat's brain, give a very wide berth. This is a specially-for-cats made sleeping basket complete with all-round soft fabric, and a semi-enclosure to lend an air of snugness to the affair. After about a year, we sold ours, as near new as made no difference.

I am not a cat person.

Chris Kemp said...

Dear Don,

Huzzah! The two coolest things on the Planet - Ninjas and Cats - in one tiny furry sable bundle. My own sadly deceased example of the genre (Genghis) has clearly found a kindred spirit here. Gheng would happily sleep in the middle of the landing in the dark, where the central heating floor pipe warmed the carpet, and would always be offended when disturbed in the middle of the night by me tripping over him and doing a stunt roll down the stairs. Happy days!

Kind regards, Chris

Don M said...

The very funniest thing is our 90lb Pit Bull has a white tip on his tail that the cat has determined is his own personal chew toy. The other day I'm sitting in the recliner and all off a sudden this huge dog is running full bore right up into my lap...saying daddy save ME as the cat attacked his tail!