Tuesday, September 18, 2012

2012 TMP Miniatures Exchange Matchup!

Thanks for participating in the Exchange!

Here are the rules again just as a reminder:

I would like for all mailings to be completed no later than September 18th. All attempts will be made to match you up with someone from your region, should you request as much in your sign up.

The rules: This exchange involves sending out a 5 man team/squad or vehicle of 15mm, painted (basing optional) scifi,future,post apocalyptic, or near future miniatures. You will get the same in return. This could be a coherent, uniform squad of any race, or it can be a mixed mercenary type of unit. the bare minimum is 5 average humanoid sized 15mm minis. if you want to include some oversize (think ogryns/super mutants) that is up to you.

This can be minis painted just for this exchange or a squad long ago finished and collecting dust, but either way try to make it something you are proud of. As well it could be stock miniatures,lightly to heavily converted, all the way to original sculpts(for the over achievers). a brief note to the recipient may be a nice touch if you are sending obscure stuff.

While there is no guarantee that you will receive something up to your painting standard, I think it will be a fun way to expand your forces , and possibly enlarge your horizons.

So, please send out by September 18th!

If you want to send you match, or me, and e-mail saying you shipped that would be appreciated too!

Here is your match:

Jeff Worley
I'll put up the painted troops when they get here!

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