Friday, September 7, 2012

From The Armchair General

To show that the madness is in no way constrained by ebay: I got the following from my buddy
The Armchair General

Frist Group:
Lot 1 - 20mm Jihad by Stan Johansen
5 bags of unopened miniatures
18 lose figures.
These are all insurgents

Lot2 - 20mm Cold War
3 bags of USA
4 bags of Africa
6 bags Russian
6 bags of Mercs
Second Group:
Lot 02 - 15mm Various

These are a mixture of 15mm diecast and plastic kits.
Lot 03 - 15mm Zombies
This lot contains four AFVs and a bunch of unopened Rebel Minis!
Everything you need to play ATZ, Ambush Z or Mortiston USA!
They include Soldiers, Civilians, Zombies, Cultists, Vampires, Mummies and Aliens!

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