Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Top Ten War Movies For Gamers?

This is a broad and VERY subjective question, what are the top
ten most played movies turned miniature games? If your like me
and into various historical and Science fiction genera this list can
easily exceed ten! So I'll limit myself to games I've actually took
part in.

In no particular order:

Played three linked games around "Saving Private Ryan" using a
modified Stargrunt rules

"Starship Troopers" at least eight games when the figures and
rule set came out as they were owned by a member of the
games group I was in at the time.

"Gettysburg" that went on for over a month at
my friend Bill's house using Johnny Reb rules.

"Braveheart" did the battle of Stanford Bridge both
the cinematic version and the historic (with the bridge)
Used the old Chainmail rules.

"Return Of The King" did a huge combined game
with the collections of six people (lots of Orc and
humans and various other nasties) took a weekend
to set up and played it on the following used
AD&D Battlesystem.

"Red Dawn" did a series of skirmishes, did this years ago,
 forget what game system we used.

"A Bridge Too Far" big micro armor game.

"Predator" did this one a few years
ago with 15mm figs and Stargrunt rules.

"Battle Of Britain" Really big game with 1/144th
scale aircraft, rules and miniatures were made
for that period out of the the UK  can't recall the
company that made them.

And the game I subject all my friends to
from the very worst cheeky movie from
the 1980s "Megaforce" used various rules
and scales the latest being 15mm and

So what have you all tried?


Monty said...

Blimey...respect ;)

Don M said...

Thanks Monty but we are talking well over a decade here so it's not that impressive...)