Tuesday, January 31, 2012

King Tiger Turned Heavy Gear Support Aller

Back in 97 I got into Heavy Gear and at that time they were
in 1/87th scale.They had a wide range of Gears and Infantry
but, only one of the light tanks were available...So I took a
Roco King Tiger and made this by cutting the top deck turning
it around to rear mount the turret, replaced the standard
turret with a modified M60 and other bits.......



Bill said...

I remember that monster well!

Don M said...

LOL, as I recall it was several long rang shots

Joe said...

Still got that ugly monster?

Chris Kemp said...

The unfeasably long gun and red trim everywhere makes it a classic '80s Sci-Fi model to be treasured :O)

I remember cutting the gun off a Conqueror tank, replacing it with a Radar and painting the whole thing metallic blue - it looked as bad as it sounds!

Kind regards, Chris

Don M said...

Thanks Chris!