Thursday, January 19, 2012


paleogamer, paleogame, to paleogame, n. 1. a gamer who has been gaming since
before 1985; from paleolithic ("old stone"). 2. any game, usu. from a micropress,
published before 1985. 3. any game that uses a lot of D&Disms, regardless of the
date of publication. 4. game supplement or milieu that is obviously designed for D&D
or AD&D. 4. (mild perjorative) a game product that appears to have been published
before the widespread use of desktop publishing software. [JPW]

Addendum: Today's gamers use "paleogamer" to refer to players who've been gaming
since the early eighties. When I started gaming (in the late seventies), the term referred
to gamers who started in the early seventies, and is still sometimes used that way.
and a friend put it this way and I quote,"
Paleogamer? Does this make me Neolithic, I wonder, been Gaming since back in the
Sixties! In fact I was "playing with soldiers" (spit) with an age in single figures, in the
Fifties! In the early 60s (My teens) the hobby took off with the advent of cheap plastic
figures and Donald Featherstone, and I realised there were RULES to do this properly,
WOW, you could actually bring to life all those Movies that were constantly playing on
the back of my eyelids. I was a Wargamer per se until discovering D&D, the basic game
that was a re-engineered set of Wargame rules, then AD&D in the late Seventies; after
that never stopped! I figure I am at least Early Stone Age - keep banging the rocks
together, guys! - and may even be a surviving Dinosaur.... though I know gamers older
than me! (Well, knew, they are probably dead by now, or took too many casualties!)
Just call me a late developer! Ian Winterbottom"

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