Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rumble In The Jungle

This all came about through the influence of my regular
wargaming opponent, Dougie Trail. He'd read Bernard
Fall's Street without Joy and was keen to try his hand
at wargaming the French war in Indochina. I rashly read
the same book, then others on Dien Bien Phu, and
before you know it I was hooked on yet another period.
What French Indochina has that Vietnam doesn't is
elan - just look at the French units - Foreign Legion,
Paratroops, Spahis, Moroccan Ghoums, Tirailleurs ..
hell, even foreign Legion Paratroopers! How hard can
they be?! Also, unlike the Americans, the French didn't
have overwhelming force at its disposal, only a handful
of aircraft (including ex-German Junkers transports),
precious little armour and even fewer troops on the
ground. In other words the engagements were often
fairly well matched, or else complete turkey shoots
where all the French could do was to hold on as long
as possible!

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His Excellency said...

If nothing else these boys can paint!