Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Brtish By Rob

Image shows a selection of the lighter vehicles in the British Army Task Force.

WMIK's provide close fire support, Land Rover Wolf XD's provde transport for the RMP detachment, Stripped down Wolf's provide a Long Range Recce capability, and the Ambulance at the rear provides casualty evacuation

Every vehicle in the Modern British Task Force has an orange 'Friendly Fire Identifier'.
As many of the operations (wargames) undertaken occur along side our sizeable American Unit, efforts must be made to reduce the chances of 'Blue on Blue' incidents.


Bill said...

I had to showcase his Brits!

Joe said...

Understandable, he does nice work!

His Excellency said...

He does great work alright.

La Coloniale said...

I do like the look of his stuff.