Monday, July 21, 2008

Weied War II: Sci-fi German Death Rays

Based on reverse-engineered technology salvaged from
craft left-over from the 1938 Martian invasion, the German
military first began field-trials of their various Death Ray
weapons in late 1943. By mid-1944 units began to receive
these weapons in limited quantities, typically with a single
unit receiving a mix of weapon types. Fitted to existing
halftrack mounts, these weapons were issued to anti aircraft
units, though they were often intended for ground attack uses.
Here we see both a Heat Ray and a plasma weapon of some


His Excellency said...

I got to get one of these!
Great idea!

Joe said...

They do look pretty cool I must say.

La Coloniale said...

That was a great use of 28mm weapons for 15s!