Friday, November 3, 2017

Ravenstar Studios 15mm Land Core Horrids !

I needed some armor to support my 

GZG Phalon Infantry, these Horrids 

by Ravenstar Studios were just the



Horrid Mass Tank A .......3 Each

Horrid Mass Tank B.......3 Each

Horrid Mother APC........3 Each

Horrid Grandmother  (used as Command) 

1 Each

Ravenstar Studios



commissarmoody said...

Your right, those would look great with the Phalons.

Paul said...

They'll be Phalontastic!

Don M said...

Thanks Guys I did think they looked the part! I'm also using the classic Aliens from the movie as their attack dogs.....)

commissarmoody said...

That is also a novel idea. And adds more options to a sadly underrepresented classic GZGs line.
I would like to see them all together sometime.

Don M said...

Still waiting on my Ravenstar order but will get photos up as soon as completed.
Allot of the inspiration came from 40k Tyranids, and I may add more Ravenstar
and other minis to fill out the Phalon ranks.

commissarmoody said...