Friday, November 17, 2017

Making Starguard Amerons In 15mm

Many years ago I started out with a set of rules that still exists (WOW) called : Starguard! This is
the granddaddy of all science fiction miniatures games. It was first published in 1974, before the roleplaying game explosion and at a time when SF and fantasy games were incredibly rare. The publisher, McEwan Miniatures, also produced a series of 25mm lead figures based on the various human and alien forces described in the game.

The Starguard! rules and the accompanying miniatures line are not only still in production, but are continuously upgraded and expanded.

My favorite faction were the : Amerons are humans, most of which came originally from South Africa on old Earth, who settled the planet of New Hope. They are not part of the Federation -- having pulled off a quiet but highly successful rebellion -- but have close economic ties to the Rep-Com.Ameron Regulars are "cheap troops' having only cone rifles, cloth uniforms and are not jump trained. Ameron military units often hire out as mercenaries and guards. Their grim fundamentalist faith has sustained the troopers through many a harsh duty.

As I have switched over to 15mm and STARGRUNT I was happy to see Jon's new Brethren of The New Light, which fit the bill perfectly!
GZG 15mm 

 My take on their elite guard unit named for their late patriarch and one of the few motorized units in the Ameron army :

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