Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Out Rim Coalition Naval/Marine MTO and design philosophy:

The Out Rim Coalition has a very small population where
military service is required for all citizens from age 20 to
55. Military training classes begin in school at age 16 but
actual induction to one of the services isn't till after the
20th birthday. Then the person is inducted to the service
he or she has shown the most aptitude for. They then
serve full time for two years in that service then in the
Home Guard if not selected for the  ORC Naval infantry.
Personal can of course opt to reenlist and serve up to
30 years if they wish, there is no age limit for senior

The Out Rim Coalition Space Navy is the senior service
in the Coalition, and as such gets the lion's share of
funding from the government.   

Attached to the Out Rim Coalition Fleet are the Marines
which number only four regiments worth of personal
about 3200 in total this includes training and
administration personal. In most flotillas there is usually
only a reinforced infantry platoon heavily supported  by
armor and attached ORNI.  

Attached to the Out Rim Coalition Marines are four
squads of ORC Naval infantry  ( Arc Fleet Rifle Company )
these are basically reservists fresh out of required military
tour that can be assigned to the fleet for six months to a
year. After completion of with the fleet they go into
Home Guard till age 55. 

Special  Marine Units:

Force Recon Squad : 8 man unit in body armor and jet
packs for quick reaction and recon .

Two Squads of Heavy Power Armor these are bigger
and more heavily armored than standard PA and is of
Out Rim Coalition design. 

Two  Squads of Standard Power Armor this is of
Eurasian Solar Union design.

Naval Drone for air recon

Naval Security/SPs

Other units as needed....

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