Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Kurgen Horde

I have always liked these guys ever since the movie "The Fifth Element" and as  Rebel Minis
made their version (by a different name) I had to have some....)

Rebel Minis is proud to present The Kurgen. The Kurgen are a race of Alien warriors bent on the destruction of the Forces of Earth, and well, anyone else for that matter.. and oh, themselves too... Each infantry pack comes with 20 15mm Kurgen Infantry. Sculpted by Martin Baker, these are highly detailed and a must for any Sci-Fi gamer!
Having got the infantry I looked around for suitable vehicles that were high-tech  primitive
sort of orc like but with a bit more technology  than the green skins, luckily I found these
by Darkest Star Games in their Colony 15 Sci-Fi Line that really seemed to fit the bill........

                                                              Bounder Grav APC
Rimmer Light Grav Tank
Grav Hauler



Almost bought some Kurgen myself this past week, but ordered some of Micropanzer's Nepilim instead. I'll eventually buy some Kurgen.


Those DSG vehicles really do look perfect for the Kurgen!

Don M said...

I do like the look of the DSG stuff, these really look the part to me.
I also picked up some VOTT and Valonian Infantry....the Alien horde

Chris Kemp said...

Luckily no-one has sold them those super-duper multi-purpose gun thingies without the self-destruct button :-)

Regards, Chris.

Don M said...

Yes Chris......always ask what the little red button is for.....)

Robert Foran said...

I bought some a while ago, most of my figures are from GZG however, so the Kurgen look a little small in comparison. However, I recently bought GZG's Alien Mercenaries. The Mercs are much larger than both and average GZG figure and the Kurgen, but appear to be modelled on the same species of sf movie mercenaries. I was at a loss as to how to employ the Kurgen in my games given their diminutive size. But after the Alien Mercs arrived, I hit upon the idea of using GZG's as the adult version, whilst Rebel Mini's Kurgen represent the adolescent version. Those that survive adolescence mature into an adult Kurgen. The different weapons and equipment are merely a reflection of their physical differences. Adult Kurgen's are physically tougher, also somewhat resistant to injury (less clothing and amour) and can handle larger and heavier weaponry.

Don M said...

Robert Foran, good call I haven't picked up any of GZGs version yet but, I might....)