Monday, September 12, 2016

Tanker's Tuesday A1E1 Independent (part 1)

This single prototype of a heavy tank was ordered by the General Staff in 1924 from Vickers. It remains one of the most influential design of the interwar, launching a “fad” for multi-turreted tanks that will last until ww2. At its core lays the trench warfare concept of a breakthrough tank, essentially to create an equivalent of the Naval dreadnoughts, with a fleet of faster light tanks roaming around like destroyers. The idea was deeply embedded in the team responsible for the first Tanks in UK, in particular Sir Winston Churchill, as Lord of the Admiralty was quite influenced by HG Wells “Land battleship” idea. The same idea was also shared by the French father of Tanks, General Estienne, that lobbied for the construction of the FCM 2C, operational just two years earlier.

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