Friday, September 9, 2016

Heavy Gear Blitz! - NuCoal Paratrooper and Strike Squads

Heavy Gear Blitz! - NuCoal Paratrooper Squad (4 minis: 2xChasseurParatrooper, 2x
and NuCoal Strike Squad (4 minis: 4xCuirassier)
These are the last lot of small MECHs I've obtained to
augment the unit I bought from Dan.  These will fall
in-between MECH and POWER ARMORED troopers 
using the old "LASERBURN" Dreadnought designation.
This Mercenary battalion will be a combined arms unit
with it's own Armor, Transport, Artillery, and limited
Air Assets. The unit is primarily recruited from the NAC
(American/English) domain and falls under that flag in
the event of general war....



Don, if you need any more Heavy Gear minis, I've got an unassembled Southern Fire Support Cadre box (5 Gears) and an unopened 2-pack of Northern Razorback gears I'll cut you a deal on. I'm never going to use them.

Don M said...

cool I use both of those in other units