Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tanker's Tuesday: Soviet T-24 Medium Tank

Peter Fitzpatrick at Shouting Into The Void
finished modelling the Soviet T-24 medium tank of 1932 in 1:100 scale, for 15mm gaming. It's a lot lumpier than the original: due to printing size limitations, things like rivets, track links and what-have -you have to be hugely over-scale to show up at all. It generally looks OK in the flesh. Photographs of the original are pretty thin on the ground, and tend to be very grainy and blurry, so I've had to make a few semi-educated guesses about some structures. It's available for sale from Shapeways, at http://shpws.me/Ma76. It's $15.00 in WSF, or $32 in FUD.

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Chris Kemp said...

This is what a modern tank should look like Don :O)

Regards, Chris.