Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Tanker's Tuesday: Char 2C

The Char 2C had a loaded weight of 69 tonnes, partly because of its armour - 45 mm at the front, 22 mm at the sides - but much of it just because of its huge size. The armour was among the thickest of World War I-era tanks, though by modern standards this would be considered thin. It is still easily the largest tank ever taken into production. With the tail fitted, the hull was over twelve metres long. Within its ample frame there was room for two fighting compartments. The forward compartment was crowned by a three-man turret (the first such in history) mounting a long 75 mm gun, and the second, at the rear of the tank, was topped by a machine gun turret. Both turrets had stroboscopic cupolas. The three independent 8 mm machine gun positions at the front gave protection against infantry assault.
The Char 2C is the only super-heavy tank ever to attain operational status — a super-heavy tank is not simply a tank that is very heavy but one that is much heavier than regular tanks of its period. The next operational tank to approach its weight would be the German Tiger II heavy tank of World War II.


Tim Gow said...

So it's too big, too heavy, too slow and fantastically vulnerable. You have to love it!

Don M said...

I'm pretty sure there is a ballroom in there....)

Chris Kemp said...

Big enough for a separate Officer's Mess in the turret - it gets my vote :O)

Regards, Chris.

p.s. The big radiator vanes on the back are for the wine cooler.