Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tanker's Tuesday: M53 Self-Propelled Assault Gun

An interesting side note here, you can find at least one
of these monsters on every live fire range on every
Army post I've ever been on.....)


Tim Gow said...

Looks a bit rubbish. Has a big gun. Love it! I had the ROCO model of this a few years back. I suppose I ought to try bodging one in 1/48ish scale.....

Don M said...

The ones I have are ROCO, should be an interesting challenge to make one in 1/48th.

Paul Foster said...

I just love the counter balance design issue.

Being placed on a M-47 Chassis like that did it have one forward gear and two reverse ranges?

Don M said...

As it's reversed I would say so Paul, for me the worse thing about this beast is the fact that
the driver is 20 feet in the air!