Sunday, October 5, 2014

Panzer Unit Buy From Ebay

German Tank Company made for the Flames of War rules, but can be used with others.
8 plastic Panzer IV made by Zveda
5 plastic Stug made by Zveda
1 metal panzer IV made by Minifigs from the 80's
1 metal panzer III made by Minifigs from the 80's
4 plastic german half tracks  by Point of Contact with Battle Front Machine gunners
1 mg platoon of Battle Front Germans with one three man command team and one two man command team with panzerfausts and well as one Panzerschreck team.
You'll note that this is all early to
mid-war kit in late war cammo,
must have been in a safe area...
my T34s are licking their lips.....


Paul Foster said...

They need a darn good dry brush attack Don.

Nice buy.

Don M said...

at the very least some spray flat!

Paul Foster said...