Thursday, June 12, 2014

Nuke The Liebster Awards

Because some of us don't handle chain letters well....)
Brazos Imperial  policy, awards only have merit when taken at bayonet point! 
(i.e. over the table after some well cast dice!)


Joe said...

nice to see your still subtle as ever lol

Maj. Guiscard said...

...some people think that being called a curmudgeon is a bad thing. Glad to see someone else shares my "different" view. :)

Otoh- Somebody did like your blog enough to pick it.

As always, great stuff!

Wg Cdr Luddite said...

Agree completely.

Chain letters do my head in.

What motivates these sad people to start them ?

Don M said...

Joe you expected a change?

Don M said...

Yeah Will, Tim over at Megablitz and More (a great guy ) nominated me, love his blog and rules and everything else.....I just never did the chain letter thing. I do this to please myself and if I happen to please others so much the better.
And I already have a chest full of medals....)

Don M said...

Wg Cdr me there!

Bill said...

LOL, well I knew if anyone was to push the red button it would be you!

Don M said...

Bill it's all this cold war gaming...)