Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Eureka Miniatures: Highly Recommended!

I ordered the following items from Nic at Eureka Miniatures on the 30th of May they  were done and shipped on 6 June and arrived here today 11June, not bad at all!

2 x Bersaglieri on tricycle with transport body
2 x Bersaglieri on tricycle with LMG
2 x Italian tricycle with transport body – no rider
2 x Italian tricycle with LMG – no rider
2 x Bersaglieri on motorcycle with LMG
4 x Bersaglieri on motorcycle with pillion passenger
2 x Bersaglieri on motorcycle
2 x Bersaglieri heavy mortar and three crew
4 x Bersaglieri with SMG
2 x Bersaglieri officer
8 x Bersaglieri gun crew
4 x Bersaglieri with LMG and No2
4 x Bersaglieri light mortar and two crew
3 x Bersaglieri MMG and two crew
1 x Italian Alpini HMG and crew
1 x Italian Alpini officer
6 x Italian Alpini infantry
The craftsmanship on  their 15mm lines is some of the best I've seen, their machine gun and mortar stands are minor works of art! The service is outstanding and Nic is an absolute pleasure to work with. I can't recommend this company highly enough, check them out
if you haven't already. 


Joe said...

not bad from Australia to Texas!

Michael Mills said...

Nic's a stand up gent and his product is top notch too. Can't recommend EM enough and no I'm not getting kick backs :-)

Don M said...

It was very impressive Joe!

Don M said...

I agree Michael, my only problem is what to buy next...)