Tuesday, April 15, 2014

WWII Italian Infantry Eastern Front

Latest Ebay haul: Italian Infantry Eastern Front


Tim Gow said...

Nice toys Don - what figures are they?

Paul Foster said...

Fabulous fighting troops Don.

I am sure they will win many a battle mate.

(Insert snickers here....)

Don M said...

Old Glory 15s

Don M said...

Paul they play a vital role separating the Romanians from
the Hungarians....)

Bill said...

Yeah Don those devastatingly effective 47mm anti-tank guns
have been known to stop T34
regiments simply because they
just couldn't stop laughing!

Don M said...

The best weapon there is the 20mm anti-aircraft gun, it must be good
as the Brits stole them on a regular
basis and put them on armored cars and such.

Joe said...

Nice looking paint job on those, I'm sure there are many a Soviet Guards regiment shivering in their ill fitting boots at the thought of facing these Italian lions! OK maybe
I don't believe that either lol

Bill said...

Yeah right Joe! LOL

Don M said...

I'm making them even more (or less)
effective by mixing in WWI and 1930s