Sunday, April 6, 2014

The British Are Coming!

I'm putting together a very late war to early cold war
British armored unit.

10 Comets
3 Challengers

2 Ram Kangaroos
1 Defrocked-Priest
3 Diamler Mk II Armored Car
1 Sexton
2  Quad Tractors
2 25 Pdr Guns
1 Archer Anti-Tank Gun
1 Cromwell ARV
1 Dingo Mk II Armored Car
2 Bedford QLT 3 Ton Lorry

1 Bedford 1.5 Ton  Lorry

That's the unit so far, need to add some ADA and Command Vehicles yet.


Al said...

Some nice kit there mate

Don M said...

thanks Al

Bill said...

Nice looking force there my friend.

Don M said...

Thanks Bill I'm looking forward to fielding it.

Joe said...

That's a great looking unit!