Monday, October 14, 2013

Cityscape Terrain Pack

The Cityscape Terrain Pack from Hawk Wargames is a customizable
6ft x 4ft battlefield in 10mm scale - with a city's worth of buildings
and terrain tiles all of which can be arranged in a number of different
layouts to create a variety of urban battlescapes!
With 12 unique building designs and 24 different terrain tile facings,
the Cityscape Terrain Pack can be used to create enormous 6ft by 4ft 
battlefields, as well as smaller areas for skirmishes and running battles
or, why not combine multiple sets and fight over an even larger area!
This Set contains; 
- 20 Card Buildings - Pre-cut and folded
- 24 Double-sided Card Terrain Tiles - each being 1ft square
 Just got this in from Neal at the Warstore.... at a great price
with very fast shipping!


Joe said...

pretty sweet, been thinking of getting that set myself.

Don M said...

I couldn't resist after Neal at
the War Store knocked of ten bucks.