Friday, September 6, 2013

Named Regiments Dromonia: Armored Train

Just picked up these two very nice items from Battlefront, these will be painted up in Joe's Camouflage of broad stripes in Tan and Forest Green....Hail Dromonia!


Maj. Guiscard said...

That train looks like the "Land Battleship" design from an old SF miniature line. I now see where they got the inspiration.

Yet another miniatures factoid I've learned from you.

Great stuff!

Bill said...

Those do look nice!

Joe said...

They look great, you know at this rate your collection of my forces will be larger than mine!

Don M said...

Thanks MAJOR, the nice thing is the train gives you two extra turrets, so
I can put one on the flak car in place
of the hexagonal one that comes with it so it will look more uniform.

I know the Sci-fi line your talking about:

Don M said...

Thanks Bill, been meaning to get one ever since they came out 2 years ago.

Don M said...

LOL, well catch up Joe