Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Brazos Evil Empire: Plot Or Campaign Background
 Put up by request from Will at :
Brazos Evil Empire: Plot Or Campaign Background: By the old earth reckoning the first to arrive on Terra Secundus were culled from across our old home in about 500 AD these peoples of man...


Maj. Guiscard said...

Thanks Don,
Your "Worldbuilding" work is fascinating.

Don M said...

Glad you liked it Will, still allot of filling in to do but, I'm happy with it thus far. The intent was to make most warfare on my planet not unlike the classical Greek Hoplite
where neither side wishes to take heavy casualties or sustained campaigns, so conflicts are of short duration and are usually resolved with a few skirmishes followed by a single set-piece battle l or two.

Perfect for war games, now all bets are off in light of a off world invasion, or if someone violates the rules set out by
the Quorum of 48.