Monday, December 7, 2009

Offensive Forces Of Insulae Mucronis

While the Legions have traditionally been the bulwark against attack, and provide the slogging brute force necessary to crack defensive lines, much of the glory and prestige goes to the Cavalry and the Marines, the two branches traditionally used to crack through weak points in enemy lines and engage in the sweeping maneuver where the superior training and leadership of the Republic's forces can achieve victory at the lowest cost, or at least that's what the doctrine says.

Cavalry Turma (Brigade)

Headquarters – Command(s3 mounted), Signals van
2xCavalry Bandons – Command (s1 mounted), 4xCavalry stands (s3, mounted), 1x81mm mortar (s3, mounted), mounted FOO stand (s1), 1xHMG stand (mounted)
Motorized Bandon - Command (s1), 1xFOO stand (s1), 45mm AT gun (s3), HMG (s3), ATR (s2), 81mm mortar (s3), 3xRifle stands (s3), 4 trucks
Armored Century – Light Tank or Tankette
Artillery Cohort – 2x105mm howitzer, 2xtruck
Engineer Century – Engineer stand with flamethrower, truck

NOTE: In many Cavalry Brigades, between 1 company and a full Bandon of cavalry had been converted to motorcycle usage. In some Brigades, 1 of the motorized battalion's rifle companies was motorcycle mounted instead of trucked.

Marine Taxiarchy

Headquarters – 1xCommand Stand (s2), 1xFAC stand (s2)
3xRifle Cohorts – 1xCommand Stand (s1), 4xRifle stands, 1xHMG stand, 1x81mm mortar stand, 1xFOO stand (s1)
Engineer Century – Engineer stand with flamethrowers, Truck
Artillery Cohort – 2x75mm Howitzers, 1x45mm AT gun, 3xTrucks

In the past generation, the Cavalry's dominance has been challenged by armored and mechanized forces, but in the initial phase of the Great Central War, no agreed-upon doctrine had been created for these forces, nor had standardization of vehicle types really been settled. Republican armored battalions went into combat with a mixed bag of armored vehicles, and only combat would sort out which designs were winners and which were not.

Later Republican armored units, armored doctrine, and armored vehicles would be guided by the lessons learned painfully by these first formations.

Mechanized Turma

Headquarters – Command stand (s3), truck, signals van
3xMechanized Bandon – Command Stand (s1), 3xRifle Stands with integral ATR (s3), 45mm AT gun (s3), 81mm mortar (s3), 4xtrucks
Armored Bandon – Command Stand (s1), 3xLight tanks, 2xMedium Tanks, 81mm mortar, Rifle Stand, 3 trucks
Artillery Cohort – 2x105mm howitzer, 2xtruck
Engineer Century — Engineer stand with flamethrower (s3), truck

Independent Armored Bandon - These bandons varied wildly in precise organization. The organization given is a typical one, reflecting the prewar authorized strength of the 2nd Armored Bandon, one of two assigned to the Scholae Exerciti, a formation composed of two cavalry turmae, two mechanized turmae, a motorized artillery brigade, and two armored bandons, which spearheaded the initial attack into the Empire of the Sun and Flame after a series of 'border incidents'.

Headquarters Command stand (s1), truck, medium tank
1xHeavy Tank Companies – Heavy Tank
1xMedium Tank Company - Medium Tank
2xLight Tank Companies – Light Tank
Support Company – 81mm mortar, truck
Infantry Company – Rifle stand (s3), Truck

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