Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Carnage Con Queso 5 - Return of the Media

Welcome back to the hills and forests of Fromage III. The Limburgers, those feisty rulers of the poor, embattled world are at it again. They nearly wiped out their own population once a few years back. Then they exported their brand of insanity to the planet Käse and were barely repelled. Now they're facing civil war at home after the recent death of the family patriarch and his final words "to the strongest...".

The UNSC has by this point completely given up hope of ever bringing sanity and peace to this sector. They've tried negotiation. They've tried threats. They've tried embargoes. Now, they're trying money. The UN has paid a number of different private military contractors to give it another try. Foreign forces have once again landed on Fromage III, and for a brief moment it looked like peace and reason might prevail. The Limburger kin stopped fighting each other - but only to arrange their traditional reaction to foreign meddling: blockade.

The mercenary troops have been cut off, and in an attempt to divide and conquer, the Limburgers have allowed a few supplies to reach the area. The starving troops have to grab what they can as quickly as possible. For the beleagured foreign mercs it looked like things couldn't get much worse. Then the Limburgers unleashed their secret weapon: The Media.

Some veteran Con Queso players might remember the last time Media turned up to interfere. Mike Hudak went on a rampage, tossing caution (and victory conditions) to the winds, with the single goal of wiping out ace reporter Brun Hilda and her trusty sidekicks. Well, Mike, you missed. Or maybe GNN cloned her. Or the Limburgers did it. Whatever. The important thing is that she's back. And she's annoyed. And she wants the story... Suitably protected - maybe with orbital bombardment this time.

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