Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Metal Storm WW2

Metal Storm WW2 rules bring to you a great new World War Two rule system. The mechanics are the same as the modern rules so you only have to learn one system to play both WW2 and Modern. They are Company size actions for both the Pacific War and the War in Europe and Africa They can be used for any scale figures, 15mm, 20mm even 28mm. The basic unit is the platoon of infantry which is represented by 6 or so bases of figures including support weapons. The armoured vehicle rules are very realistic. They are ideal for battles in city streets and have unique mechanism for leaving stands in over-watch to cover road junctions.With rules for Sea landings and landing craft, engineers, airborne, off table artillery, accurate aircraft attacks, terrific terrain rules, the game just flows along. Metal Storm - rules for WW2 wargamers.....

METAL STORM rules discussion group for all gamers interested mainly in Modern and WW2 warfare but also Vietnam, Napoleonics, C18th, ACW, Ancient-Dark Ages - Medieval - Fantasy and Sci-Fi in any scale -

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