Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Metal Storm Modern War

The rules cover all aspects of company size action, infantry storming towns in the middle east aided by armour and supporting helicopters, hunting down rebels in the jungles of East Asia, rooting out terrorists in suburbia and fighting in the Arctic. Also included are rules for snipers, terrorists and suicide bombers, off table artillery and air strikes. Missions will include clearing the streets of rioters, blowing up targets, rescuing hostages, capturing high ranking enemy personnel as well as full scale mechanised attacks. Included are civilians that get in the way or can even turn into an armed mob. Special rules for local militia and rebels to move quickly through the back streets and tunnels in the terrain cover zones. Major Power forces have to get their casualties to safety and cant just blast everything in sight, because the media don’t want civilian casualties. Superb rules for armoured vehicle combat, helicopters, off table artillery and air strikes ......Just about everything for recreating modern war on the tabletop.

METAL STORM rules discussion group for all gamers interested mainly in Modern and WW2 warfare but also Vietnam, Napoleonics, C18th, ACW, Ancient-Dark Ages - Medieval - Fantasy and Sci-Fi in any scale -

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