Monday, June 1, 2009

Mutant Chronicles

Chronicles of Riddicks meets The Dirty Dozen meets Gears of War!!!, 10 July 2008

Yep its derivative, full of clichés, underdeveloped characters, but its still great fun and full of B movie goodness. Visually stunning and imaginative production design and great special effects combine to create what will no doubt become a minor cult classic over time.

I thought I was watching a video game after 5 Min's, partly due to the filming process (100% digital) and the colours (or lack there of). The blood is almost scarlet which give it an almost erotic feel.

Tension is used effectively and the film moves quickly enough, Thomas Jane is still good to watch (cant forget his performance in The Mist). Also Sean Pertwee puts in a solid performance as well. There is plenty of action, some great fight scenes, and some creepy moments - but that's your lot! Keep your expectations low and you'll enjoy it for what its! The whole retro mix of world war I and future technology is truly worth watching alone,


Noel Vh said...

Cool blog. I Saw the Movie, and as a big Warzone fan I had to. I wish the trenchers were more like the game but I liked the movie even if it was a bad film. I read some reviews and the were all really bad, but I enjoyed it very much.


Bill said...

I liked the movie also, I've never tried warzone so don't know what their trench system looks like however,I really liked that big emplaced steam powered gun in the movie!