Sunday, June 21, 2009

15mm Corporate Marines

Earth Marines working for the giant interplanetary
corporation that the US Marine Corps established (in
conjunction with the Royal Marines) when the
earthwide Terran Federal Government was formed,
these elite warriors have maintained the high standards
of combat skill and elan of their predecessors in the US
Marine Corps and Royal Marines. In fact, now that the
marine brass have no politicians to answer to, and their
own budget to work with, some say that the Terran
Corporate Marine Corp. has never been a more elite
formation of warriors.These select warriors are
dedicated to the Corp., Mankind and to the transplanetary
corporations that they serve (in that order), and even
though the various Marine divisions occasionally find
themselves at odds on the battlefield when serving battling
corporations, they fight by a strict code of honor and respect
for their brothers who happen to be foes. More often than
not, however, they are embroiled with a rogue's gallery of
aliens to be rooted out to make the galaxy safe for mankind
and corporate enterprise -- the only code that applies then is
Code: Kill! Sculpted by Mike Broadbent.

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Bill said...

I see that the BEE has some new troops?