Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Seize the Initiative

""Seize the Initiative" is a scenario based on battles fought on June 11th, 1944 for control of a salient between Caen and Bayeux. In effect, it combines and expands the scenarios for the Battles of Cristot and Le Mesnil Patry. The Germans are desperate to hold their positions for their long dreamt-of Panzer counterattack to the coast. The British and Canadians are moving onto the offensive after stabilising the bridgehead. They are trying to destroy one Regiment of the 12SS Hitlerjugend by taking this high ground west of Caen. The terrain leading to Cristot on the high ground in the west is dense bocage. Brouay, in the centre at the apex of the salient, has some woodland but more open ground. The approaches to Le Mesnil Patry in the east are across gently rising open fields of corn. The perimeter of the salient was held by four 12SS battalions - Aufklarungs, III/26 Panzergrenadier, II/26 Panzergrenadier and Pioneer Abteilung (from west to east). The attack was by three battalion-strength forces, each with varying levels of armour and artillery support. The Canadians (Queen's own Rifles) are attacking in the east (towards Le Mesnil Patry). Two battalions of The Green Howards (6th and 7th) form the basis of the western attacks against Cristot and Brouay.


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