Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Operation Epsom Day 3 The Scottish Corridor

By the third week of June, both sides were looking for other ways to achieve a breakthrough. The Germans were finally starting to bring significant new forces into Normandy. In particular, 1SS Panzer Division (Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler) and 2 SS Panzer Division (Das Reich) were on the move; but Rommel had still not been able to been able to relieve an increasingly tired Hitlerjügend with an infantry division. As new allied divisions continued to cross the channel, Montgomery was preparing to launch the first major set-piece assaults of the campaign. He had reviewed his plan for a pincer assault on Caen and had downgraded the assault in east, through the cramped Orne bridgehead. He decided that VIII Corps would make the main assault west of Caen, through Cheux, across the River Odon to Hill 112 and then across the Orne to isolate Caen from the south. This was "Operation Epsom".


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