Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Full Thrust SSDs

Hello all,We're very pleased to announce that after
a lot of excellent work byDean Gundberg and numerous
other folks, a collected page of beta-teststats and SSDs
for almost ALL the new-design and other recently
released FULL THRUST ships is now up and available
for public use!Please take a look here:
This is a fantastic resource for all FT players old and
new, and includes all the new-style NAC, NSL, FSE and
ESU fleets, plus the UNSC, Japanese, Israeli, Islamics and
more! While the page has beenput together as an
independent project by Dean (Star Ranger), it is fully
sanctioned and approved by GZG (wow, that sounds almost
GW-esque... ). Please be aware that some parts of the page
are still works-in-progress, and that all designs are subject to
being fiddled about with in the light of any playtest responses
- feedbackis welcome, either to Dean or to us at GZG. But it's
there, and it'sFREE - so please have a look, use what you want,
and have fun!Jon (GZG)

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