Monday, September 29, 2008

How To Build A Robot Army

Tips on Defending Planet Earth Against Alien Invaders,
Ninjas, and Zombies!
It goes without saying that robots kill. They hunt, swarm,
and fire lasers from their eyes. They even beat humans at
chess. So who better to stand with us when the real villains
arrive? Movies instruct us that, whether we like it or not,
we will one day be under siege by pirates, ninjas, zombies,
aliens, and Godzilla. Also great white sharks. And-let's face
it-we're not prepared. But with the advice contained in this
brilliantly illustrated, ingenious book, you can build your own
robot army to fend off hordes of bloodthirsty foes. From
common-sense injunctions ("never approach an unfamiliar
robot in a militarized zone") to tactical pointers ("low-power
radar beats cameras for detecting mummies in a fog-shrouded
crypt") to engineering advice ("passive-dynamic exoskeleton
suits will increase sprint speeds but not leg strength"), this book
contains all the wisdom you'll need to fend off the coming
apocalypse. Witty, informative, and utterly original,
How to Build a Robot Army is the ideal book for readers of
any age.


Bill said...

Well this one doesn't conflict with Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, that much.......)

Joe said...

LOL, another good book or so it sounds