Wednesday, March 25, 2020

From Jon at GZG


Hi all, first (and most importantly) I hope that you and yours are safe and healthy and are getting through the current “lockdown”…. I’ve just posted this new info update to the front page of the store:

In the current virus-lockdown situation I’m trying to carry on as close to normal as possible - as I work on my own anyway, very little has changed in real terms. At present the Post Offices are still open and the delivery networks are still running OK, which means that I can still dispatch orders and you should still receive them as normal - the only real difference is that some may take a day or two longer for me to dispatch, because I will be limiting my number of trips out to the Post Office to maybe a couple of times a week (combined with shopping for food and essential supplies) rather than mailing things every day as I normally do. Larger orders, which I now often ship via FedEx or similar carriers anyway, will still be collected from me on a regular basis.
So, at least for the present I can still get your new shinies to you - and you KNOW that you need them - and as long as folks continue to order then I should be able to continue dispatching, giving you lots of lovely stuff to build and paint while you are stuck indoors, getting your armies and fleets ready for the day (hopefully soon) when we can all start meeting face to face again and actually playing games!
But, like all self-employed and small traders at this difficult time, of course I DO NEED YOUR ORDERS to get through this… the loss of SALUTE will leave quite a big hole in my expected sales, and to help with that I will be running a number of different limited-time sales and special offers over the coming weeks, focussing on a different part of my range each time; the first of these will be announced in the next day or so, please check back here shortly for full details.
Thanks for reading, keep safe and well, and hope to see you all on the other side of the crisis…..
Jon (GZG), Weds 25th March 2020.

I will be posting more news later today or tomorrow, with details of the first of the Special Offers, so please check the store again soon. Usual place of course:

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Skully said...

Maybe a good occasion to order those techno ninjas and some Kravak infantry...