Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Weird WWII Campaign Idea

The length of this Second World War was disastrous and deadly. 60% of the world's population passed due to lack of food and movement thereof. Chemical weapons and the atomic tactical bombs killed civilian and military outright and the long term results are being felt even today. The petty and those not so petty gods put both man and animal to the torch. They all had their reasons. Sport seemed the favorite. Technological death by machine worked as a modern day scythe on life. When the war in Berlin was about to turn against the Russians, again, after three near misses already...the space people arrived. They took the Russian army side and took what they wanted (after the fall) without any argument from their fearful erstwhile allies (the Russians). German captives/POW's disappeared never to be seen again. The space ships and men also went with the captives. Here we have a photo from PRAVDA showing the strange-fearsome-momentary ally and a captive.

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