Monday, April 1, 2019

Mecha Monday : Orko One's Hell Hound

From Owen B:
Snow visited Michigan again. While going through my stuff the last couple weeks I found this old project. It's Orko_one's hell Hound in 10mm but it's my preferred size for Mecha (5-9cm tall). One of the weapons had an air bubble from the caster so I swapped it out with a barrel from Old Crow. Then a copy I sold the arm broke so after I swapped my good arm and he the damaged one I swapped out the twin barrel (again Old Crow). Another missing piece meant the missile shoulder went to someone else. So a near perfect fit was the rotatory cannon from Critical Mass tank (that I still haven't painted). The scheme was inspired by a near black jaguar where the color just was coming through. After getting the spots done it looked like a Mecha giraffe so I stripped it about 4 years ago. Twice. you can still see patterns in some of the pieces. So it's getting a new Cloud Grey base coat as I get into painting once again.

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