Sunday, July 15, 2018



20% OFF ALL 15mm and FT CODES for ONE WEEK ONLY!

The sale will run from 00:00 hours* (Midnight, UK time) tonight until Midnight next Sunday, the 22nd.
* Or even a little earlier if I decide to turn it on sooner......
In other words it will be on for ONE WEEK ONLY!

That gives you all a week to get your orders in, then allows me a week or so to catch up with dispatching them all before the end of the month, which is when I will have to start planning and casting for the forthcoming Autumn shows.

This year's Summer Sale is a simple one - no codes to enter, and no minimum qualifying order size - the sale prices will automatically be charged on all the eligible items - once the sale has begun, all the included items will have the special sale prices shown in RED on their product listing.
The SALE DISCOUNT is 20% OFF the normal retail prices on all of our 15mm and FT codes - in other words the following ranges:  SG15, MG15, TW15, V15 and all FT code items!

I'm afraid that this time round the 2mm, 6mm and 25mm codes are NOT included in the sale, mainly because I have to cast most of those up specially when they are ordered, while I try to hold almost all of the 15mm and FT ranges in stock most of the time.
Obviously you can order SALE and non-sale items in the same order, but only the qualifying items will come up at sale prices.

As usual, if any of you are on other relevant forums or other forms of social media, please feel free to copy and re-post the info in the news item for the benefit of anyone who might be interested.

Thanks for reading,
Jon (GZG), July 15th 2018.

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