Wednesday, June 13, 2018

TJOTMS, Ep 18: Arrival - Battle of Apache Canyon

Well They've gone and done it!  Hats off boys great game and the lead up was to die for!

From The Major:
*The big weekend finally arrived. We played 8 games (7 connected) games and it really lived up to everything I thought it would....* *Background* After fighting her way across Sector Six and beyond, the KCS Mary Shelley has finally arrived at her goal, New Texas: the source of teleportium and possibly the key to galactic wide instantaneous galactic wide teleportation. (see all previous posts labeled "Voyages of the Mary Shelly") Unfortunately, not only is the planet engulfed in a brutal Civil War, but the sworn enemy of Colores, the 4th Reich, has also sent a warship to New Texas.

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