Monday, April 30, 2018

Stargrunt Finns

Funny how a collection starts! I bought 6 of these Matchbox MBX Explorers Blizzard Buster on a lark: Then I thought who rides in them? Why GZG Scan Fed infantry...who else? Then I went HMMM will need some support, Well Brigade makes these nice Neo Soviet tanks , so three each of the medium, light, and very light, were obtained. Ok now other support vehicles and artillery, Guns I kit bashed one, and one from GZG, with GZG crew. Then an order to TSS for some anti-tank missile tracks and mortar tracks. Other vehicles and troops (GZG old style NSL Jagers as elites) from Battlefront some big old towed Russian mortars to round things out. So...what stared out as a very cheap "innocent" buy has turned into a monster unit of over 20 vehicles and 80 infantry.
Oh well

bit of a back story:

Uusi Kalevala or New Kalevala is a small colony made up of people of primarily Finnish heritage. The planet Kepler-186F about 500 light-years from Earth in the constellation Cygnus. Although one of the first near Earth sized planets discovered it was considered too cold and gloomy by most to be bothered with. Then came the Finnish mass migration from the ESU.....more to follow


Desert Scribe said...

I like your backstory! Looking forward to more pics.

Don M said...

Thanks, it's a work in progress, I have a few items painted up and hope to have the rest up in the next 2 weeks.