Friday, January 5, 2018

Prang From Ion Age's 15mm Range

Lot of 13 minis for use in scifi skirmish games like Patrol Angis,
Stargrunt, Tomorrow's War. GRUNTZ, etc.  Intended to be a used
as small force of alien mercenaries/raiders.  These are Prang from
Ion Age's 15mm range, extremely chunky humanoid aliens that
stand a little taller than an average human in scale and are about
three times as bulky.  Imagine a hippo-sized bipedal frog in heavy
carapace armor carrying suitably massive weaponry and that's a

Total of 13 heavy infantry with an eclectic mix of weaponry and gear,
including several personality types, one with a pet, another waving 
sword around like this is a 40K game, and three heavy weapon

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commissarmoody said...

I have had my eye on these guys for awhile now. Great sci-fi/space opera baddies.