Thursday, September 14, 2017

OFFICIAL - GZG: COLOURS (Newbury) show in two days…..

Well, everything is now pretty much ready for COLOURS on the 16th, tomorrow I'll get the van loaded and be off down to Newbury Racecourse.... hopefully we'll see a lot of faces old and new on Saturday. This year we should be back on the GROUND FLOOR again, it'll be nice not to have to take all the metal stock up in the lifts!

There are some NEW RELEASES for the show - just a few, but they're very nice - all for the ISLAMIC FEDERATION forces, we have new packs in traditional headdress styles, some in the Keffiyeh (worn "Lawrence of Arabia" style with the Agal rope circlet round the head) and some in the Shemagh style with the cloth worn as a turban, both with and without it wrapped across the face for sand and dust protection. The IsFed "Treadbike" (half-tracked motorbike) is also now available with rider and pillion rifleman with the Shemagh style headgear. These new variants can simply be mixed in with the regular helmeted IsFed troops for a bit of variety, or used separately for irregular and insurgent forces. For those of you who can't make it to the show, the new releases will be up on the store as soon as I've been able to catch up with outstanding orders - hopefully sometime in the coming week.

I've also managed to pack up some ready-made 15mm Starter Army boxes (at £36 each, containing around £42-£45 value of minis) for some of the newer forces as well as the usual old favourites - in addition to the usual NAC, NSL, FSE, UNSC, Japanese, Crusties etc, we will have Starter Packs for the Islamics, the Eurasian Union Naval Infantry, the Colonial Defence Forces, the Pan-Africans and the Brethren of the New Light!

We will be doing out usual "show-only" special offer of any TWO boxes of 15mm starter forces for just £60, which gets you almost £90 worth of minis at regular list prices, so you can either get yourself a complete two-army setup or else get together with a friend and both save!

Thanks for reading, hope to see some of you at the weekend.
Jon (GZG), Monday 4th Sept 2017.

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