Saturday, August 26, 2017

A Few More Ground Zero Games Xar

Lot of 15mm sci-fi minis from Ground Zero Games' 
Stargrunt Xar range, also good for use in Tomorrow's War, 
5150 Star Army, GRUNTZ, and other minis games. 

Platoon-strength force with 30 warriors on foot and 4 light 
grav platforms.  Includes:
14 warriors with beam rifles
6 heavy weapon warriors, three each of two different types
2 different gun teams, each with three models
5 leader/specialist figures, one with beam rifle, two with 
beam pistols, one with scanner/commo gear, and one on 
custom converted grav platform with beam pistol
3 assault grav platforms, each with pilot and two different
 super-heavy weapons

Have about a full company now.....

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