Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Tanker's Tuesday: Carro Veloce L3/35 (CV-35)

There were two main differences between the two models. The CV-35’s armor was bolted rather than riveted, and the single FIAT mod.14 6.5 mm (0.31 in) machine-gun was later replaced by twin-mount FIAT mod.34s or Breda mod.38s 8 mm. There were also minor modifications between models, depending on the parts used and the manufacturer. This new model was mass-produced, and many CV-33s (renamed L3/33 in 1938) were retrofitted to the L3/35 specifications. The L3/35 armor was also slightly heavier, but the vehicle had a more powerful FIAT SVA petrol engine, and the speed was almost unchanged. The twin mount was an ingenious system which made lateral and vertical aiming easy, but, in the desert, sand dust tended to jam this mount. The upper part of the tracks was supported by Acacia wooden trails. A large encasing was placed just after the forward wheel to accommodate spare parts. The serie II differed only by minor details.

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